The Richmond Half Marathon

Before starting Darden, I was uncertain how it would impact our day to day routines around the house. One of those routines was daily exercise. It may sound ridiculous, but this one thing has been an incredible stress reliever for both Jennifer and me. A few years ago, we started trading off mornings to run around the Charlottesville streets before the kids woke up.

For the past two years, we’ve run the Richmond Half Marathon in November. Since our exercise had been such a stress reliever, I really hoped I would be able to continue to stay on top of it and run the Richmond race again this year. Even though the race was scheduled for the first weekend of our exam period, I signed up and maintained my training.

Today, Jennifer and I ran the Richmond Half Marathon and both had personal best times. Proof that Darden, though a “hungry beast” (as one classmate called it), still allows you to preserve many of your favorite things.

Looking forward to next year’s race!



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