First Semester Top Ten

Now that we have completed a full semester of class, exams and papers, I thought it would be appropriate to develop a top ten list of lessons learned from the semester. I hope that future EMBA classes will cherish this list and avoid some of the pitfalls of my first semester back in school.

10. When taking exams, it is best to actually read the directions. If they say “don’t out your name on your exam,” DON’T PUT YOUR NAME ON THE EXAM.

9. On the first day of class, it is best to refrain from the urge to announce to the class that you intend to be at the bottom.

8. When speaking with your military colleagues during, refrain from references to “Maverick” and “Goose” and under no circumstances should you invite them to play volley ball in the quad while listening to “Playing with the Boys” which you just happen to own.

7. Decision Analysis “DA” is another name for statistics though, most of the course, you will think the initials DA refer to the way the class actually makes you feel, i.,e., like a dumb a–.

6. The phrase “hot mic” does not refer to one of the five guys named Mike in your class, it’s actually a reminder to mute your phone before you flush during a distance class.

5. When the DA professor asks if more data would be beneficial to answer a question, the answer always is “yes” rather than “my boss doesn’t pay any attention to data, why would we need more?”

4. “Business ethics” is not an oxymoron.

3. Do not refer to the circle of communication on your Management Communication paper as “Lili’s egg thing.”

2. Trust the process.

1. Do not forget to regularly thank (i.e., buy expensive gifts for) your family, friends and coworkers who got you here and are picking up your slack at home and work during your time at Darden.


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